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Thank you so much for helping us through the loan process. You and your team made it Stress Free and go so smoothly! Your book was also very helpful, thank you so much again!

Having purchased a home before, I was bracing myself for a difficult and confusing path to getting the right loan. I was so glad to work with Linda because that wasn’t the case at all! The whole process really was stress free and she helped make everything very clear. Thank you for answering all my questions and working out all the numbers until we found what worked perfectly for me. It has been a great experience and I will definitely be recommending Linda to everyone I know. Thanks again!


Linda, thank you so much for helping us again. You are a great at what you do and I am thankful that we were able to use you and your company again. You made everything understandable and made us feel that you had are best interest. We will be in contact with you for I next home. I will pass all my friends and people I know to you and I know that you will take care of them with the same hospitality that you gave Kim and I.

Thank you very much on making this happen. You helped us achieve a goal we thought would take longer to achieve due to the past. Thank you for dealing with all the questions I had and all the calls I made. You are very much appreciated. Thank you again!!!

I have no words to express my gratitude, respect and admiration towards Linda. She is a true professional and top notch EXPERT at what she does!! I hope anyone who reads this and is considering Linda as their Broker, will be convinced to move forward with her. Linda miraculously was able to get our loan approved, funded and recorded in a 2-week period — that is almost unheard of nowadays!! So not only is she the best at what she does, but she is also friendly, accommodating, good at listening to her clients, always available by either F2F, phone, text or email, no matter what time in the day. Linda is one Broker who makes it a point to help you meet your purpose stress free. I strongly recommend her and have already done so! If you need to speak to me directly about Linda, please message me and I will gladly provide you with my phone #.

She was an angel sent from above who saved us from almost losing our dream home and also saved us a LOT of money!!!

Linda and her staff at Stress Free Mortgage were always welcoming and helpful. As first time homebuyers we had no idea what buying a home involved, but Linda was always willing to answer any questions (which we had a lot of) in person and over the phone, patiently walking us through each step of the loan process and keeping us updated on a regular basis. Linda was always honest and open with us, we had no problem trusting her to secure our home mortgage at an amount that was right for us and with the best possible rate available to us. Now we are in our home before our closing date and we couldn’t be happier with how easy and “stress free” our home buying experience truly was. We will be recommending Linda to every friend, family member, and stranger buying a home!

Thank you so much for all your time, support, and hard work!

It was an extreme pleasure to work with you Linda! Your extensive lending knowledge, along with your dedication and drive to make your customers happy, made the process as stress free as possible. We especially appreciate how when we needed to switch lenders, you and your team only needed a couple of things from us and then took care of the rest. I can’t image how hard that would have been if we were personally having to shop for a new lender and then start from scratch with the documentation process. Not to mention all of the follow-up work you did to ensure the loan funded on time. Considering all of that, if we ever decide to upgrade our home again, you already have our business.

Thanks for everything!

My name is Glenn Morshower. I have been a professional actor for thirty eight years, and have been blessed to work with many of the industry’s best. I also travel extensively as a motivational speaker. My program, The Extra Mile, teaches people how to live a fully expressed life, by simply listening to, and obeying their inner whisper. The program has provided me with a sense of unparalleled satisfaction for many years. When my friend and fellow speaker, Craig Duswalt, gave me Linda Fleischmann’s book How to Have a Stress Free Mortgage, I felt better informed about what people need to do before they decide to buy. I became aware of so many things that I never knew were important, such as:
1. What credit scores really mean, and how they affect our interest rates.
2. Why we may want to think twice before co-signing a relative’s car, or home loan.
Linda is the front runner in her field. She has broken down the components of the mortgage process from beginning to end in a simple and understandable way. I highly recommend that anyone thinking about buying a home, or needing to refinance their existing home, read “How to Have a Stress Free Mortgage.” If you want to have that stress free experience that few people are able to have when getting a home loan, be sure to read Linda Fleischmann’s book first.
— Glenn Morshower

“I really appreciate the time and dedication you put into my case to make sure that it went smoothly and flawlessly.”

I wanted to THANK you for doing this re-fi for me! I’m so glad it is all over! I really appreciate the time and dedication you put into my case to make sure that it went smoothly and flawlessly. Your service was awesome and I would not hesitate to recommend you in the future. I thanked my neighbor for hooking us up! In this economy, I should have been worried, but your process was flawless.

My wife and I were thrilled to have been able to work with Linda and her team at Stress Free Mortgage on the purchase of our home in June 2014. The transaction was a short sale so it was a very long and complicated 9-month process. Linda was patiently there for us every step of the way. Whether it was making my life easier by personally coming to pick up paper work, giving me sound advice on which mortgage product best suited my needs, going the extra mile and independently switching lenders late in the game to get the best rate, making sure I locked at the right time or guiding us through closing, Linda and Dee were calmly and coolly there for us.

”I would characterize myself as a very analytical, high maintenance client. I would constantly call or email with questions like which the mortgage securities I should track to follow rate pricing. Linda was not phased in the least. She was quick, efficient and delivered on her promises. There is no question that she is extremely knowledgeable and has a wealth of industry experience.

The best part about Linda is her personal touch and how well we got along. I was comfortable with her from the start. Stress Free is by far the best mortgage team I have worked with.

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all the tireless work you put in for us and our new home. We know it wasn’t the easiest process at times but your professionalism and kindness made it a wonderful experience. Our new home is beautiful and the perfect place to start our family. Thank you again!

I can’t put into words how grateful I am to you. From the very first day I called you’ve been on board. I know for a fact that you are heaven sent! You’ve been a blessing on this journey. I give God all the praise & glory. I thank him for placing people in my life such as you.

Thank you for being a willing vessel used to help me see my dream come true. I would love to meet you, but until then I’m sending the biggest hug across the miles to you and your staff.

When my financial advisor recommended you he said, “Linda Fleischmann is the best.” I love my financial adviser, he is always right! You are the best!!!

I expected a refi to be a major bother and you made it anything but! Your service is impeccable. Thank you for your diligent hard work, kindness and answering all of my questions. It is greatly appreciated.

Linda made our home purchase a stress-free experience! I believe our first phone call to Linda was on a Sunday afternoon... she was cooking, however, she answered anyway and was patient with us and seemed eager to help and answer all of our questions. The pre-approval process was faster than we had imagined and before long we were truly home-shopping. Despite living and buying a solid 40 miles from Linda’s location, the process was fast, simple, and stress free. Her attention to detail made it this way, we are sure.

Thanks to Linda and her team for getting our re-fi done. Ours was challenging due to a number of mitigating factors. Linda worked tirelessly to find a lender that would work with her and after a number of months she was able to get it done. Linda and her team are consummate professionals and dealt with every obstacle that was thrown at them in order to secure our re-fi. Simply put, the best mortgage broker around.

We called Linda after our Loan Agent was not able to secure our loan. Linda was very professional, courteous, and knowledgeable. Linda secured our loan despite having her own family crisis to deal with. Linda knew exactly when to lock our rate. Linda was always there to answer our questions and we had A LOT of questions. Go with Linda.

You will not be disappointed. Linda gets it done.

I think being a loan consultant is more complicated than being a Nurse!

I thank you for all of your guidance even though at times I feel ignorant as far as all those numbers are concerned.

Thank you again Linda (purchased a home after looking for a year!)

Thank you Linda! It was a pleasure working with you. It was very refreshing to have somebody as professional and honest as you, especially dealing with a different shady character before who would never hold to anything he said. However, it looks like there is a happy ending to the story and once again, thank you very much!!!