"Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships." --Michael Jordan

A large part of our success at Stress Free Mortgage is contributed to the professionalism, integrity and passion that our team has for each of our clients. The "Stress Free Team"  spends countless hours ensuring the success of each loan to put you in the home of your dreams, without all the hassle!

The Stress Free Mortgage team - Linda, Suley and Dee

The Stress Free Mortgage team - Linda, Suley and Dee

The Stress Free Mortgage Team: Linda, Suley and Dee

A headshot of Dee, a team member at Stress Free Mortgage


Dee has been with Stress Free Mortgage for four years, but has known and worked with Linda for over thirteen years.  She is the woman behind the scenes that makes sure that it’s all going smoothly once the loan is in escrow.  Her vivacious personality is infectious and her ability to connect with clients in a professional manner is exceptional. Dee is married and has a son.  She enjoys spending time with her family, working out, shopping, indulging in new foods, wine and traveling! Growing up in Santa Clarita in a very close Italian family she looks forward to growing in her professional career in mortgage/real estate and making a family of her own!

A headshot of Suley, a team member at Stress Free Mortgage


Suley has been working with Linda for over 7 years, but in the mortgage and real estate industry for over 13 years. Having worked in both sides of the industry makes her highly skilled,  so you can feel safe she can handle any type of loan or question. Suley is very active in the Hispanic community and helps Stress Free Mortgage to work with Spanish Speaking clients.

After hanging her Super Woman Loan Officer cape, she puts on her Super Mom cape.  You can always find Suley at a local baseball field with her three boys where she enjoys watching them play baseball.