What can a mortgage broker do for me?


A mortgage broker can provide you with more options when shopping for the best possible loan. A broker utilizes several lender programs in order to fit the needs of each individual borrower.

You may say to yourself, “Why not just go to my bank?”. Well, if you did, you would find that large retailers are very limited to the rates and programs they can offer. They may take much longer to process your loan. Then, if your loan is declined, you must start all over again with another lender and another application.

Stress Free Mortgage does the searching for you without the hassle of filling out numerous loan applications. We are “one stop shopping”. We can help you with pre-qualifying, as well as referrals to Realtors, escrow, title agents, home inspectors, as well as home repair and home service professionals.

Let us help you get the financing you need for that new home, debt consolidation, or to get that long awaited home improvement done. We pride ourselves in honesty, integrity, and personal service. We don’t just want your business today-we are committed to you and your family for life.

Contact us today. Give us the opportunity to improve your family’s future.


Mortgage Broker or Bank...Who should you use for a home loan?