What do people look for when financing a home?

First, it helps to find a house you love! Now comes the part you don’t have to dread. Look for someone who is there to guide you through the loan process, from beginning to end. Someone you trust to help you complete the paperwork, explain the process and work through any problems quickly to make your loan as stress free as possible.

You may have purchased multiple homes over the years or this could be your very first home buying experience. Having a loan officer that understands the latest guidelines and knows what the lender and underwriter are looking for is critical to closing your mortgage loan.

It’s much more than just about the rate: if you can’t get a loan, then the rate won’t matter.

Even with perfect credit and a large down payment, there are things all buyers need to know when putting the necessary documentation together.

  • Have you made any large deposits that the lender will need to verify?
  • Have you co-signed for someone else?
  • What documentation do you need to provide for both of those situations?

Getting a mortgage loan in today’s challenging financial times can be daunting.

My goal is to help make it stress free by empowering you with the knowledge needed to anticipate hurdles before they arise. Knowledge is half of the battle. The biggest complaint I hear from clients who have chosen to close with other companies is that they never understood the process and didn’t know what they needed to provide. Communication is the goal so situations that leave you wondering what is happening – or what the lender will ask for next – do not occur.

I am here for you, not just before the loan starts, but also during and after we close your mortgage loan. Knowing that you can call me months or even years later, just to ask a question, means peace of mind. It’s not just about closing a loan. It’s about staying with my clients every step of the way.

Linda Fleischmann, CMC
Certified Mortgage Broker

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