Home purchase is not a unicorn!

As a new home buyer, purchasing your first home should not be like trying to find a fairytale Unicorn or Bigfoot...neither of which exist! Now that we've separated fact from fiction, let's start debunking some common first-time home buyer myths...

20% Down Payment...Pfff!

Having to put down 20% is as common as a vegetarian eating ribs at a steakhouse! Thank the mortgage gods we have options such as the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and Mortgage Insurance to help get you sipping Mai-Tais in your new backyard porch, with as little as 1% down. Yup...you read right...1%. There's fun for the whole family, and the in-laws!

My credit score is absolute s%@# !

Just like regretting that one kiss back in high school, your credit score can have the same emotional regrets. Unlike bad dates, your credit decisions won't haunt you forever, and remedies exist to get you back on track! With a credit score as low as "000", there awaits home purchasing heaven...minus the harps!

Now that we've put some muscle back in your corner with all this mind-blowing knowledge, let's get this mortgage dance show on the road! Working with me will be one of the best home buying experiences you will make!